About me

I love my job endlessly and strive to constantly improve my skills, mastering techniques such as marquetry, wood carving and woodturning. Woodworking includes many techniques. I like to study the history of my profession, works of masters of the past. I believe that a true master should not only have skills in different techniques of furniture making and restoration, but also be able to distinguish Louis XIV furniture from Italian Baroque or Venetian Rococo. My love and understanding of the techniques of the past, combined with creativity and openness to experimenting with materials and design, allows me to be creative in the restoration and making of furniture. With the help of unexpected finishing methods, it is possible to turn unremarkable objects into something amazing.

Столяр краснодеревщик токарь
Маркетри Marquetry
Токарное дело woodturning
Резьба по дереву Wood carving